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INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS: Unveils Gripping New Episode: Faith, Film, and Freedom Converge in a Call to Action



In a recent episode of “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” the conservative host reflected on the new year’s challenges, expressing gratitude to the show’s viewers for their unwavering support. Stubbins emphasized the values of God, family, and country, asserting the show’s commitment to delivering what he deemed as the unvarnished truth.

During the episode, Stubbins delved into the timeless charm of classic films, lamenting the shift towards CGI-generated productions. He singled out “It’s a Wonderful Life,” praising the sincerity of older films and their actors who approached their craft with unparalleled seriousness.

Segueing into a more serious tone, Stubbins drew parallels between the film’s desperate moments and real-life struggles. He shared personal experiences, stressing the importance of turning to faith during challenging times. The host also highlighted the significance of the men’s ministry, describing it as a 30-day boot camp aimed at healing individuals, families, and, ultimately, the nation.

A significant portion of the episode was dedicated to urging viewers to participate in the American Anarchy documentary project. Stubbins encouraged donations through the show’s website, emphasizing the role of the documentary in preserving freedom and supporting the show.

The host expressed solidarity with actor John Schneider, facing the first Christmas without a loved one, and called for empathy and prayers. Stubbins then transitioned to musical guest J Edwards, commending the artist for uplifting the audience with their music.

The show took a turn towards addressing current affairs, tackling issues such as border security, alleged COVID misinformation, concerns about Big Tech, and what Stubbins referred to as the Russia Hoax. The host passionately urged viewers to get involved and emphasized the importance of being informed about the country’s current state.

In a plea for support, Stubbins introduced a video snippet that delved into the Russia Hoax, hinting at the coverage of the subject of the upcoming American Anarchy documentary. The host underscored the gravity of the situation, characterizing it as a conspiracy and a coup d’etat.

The episode concluded with a reminder of the documentary’s funding needs and an introduction to Charity Bowden, the musical talent closing the show.

As “Indivisible with John Stubbins” continues its conservative stance, it remains a platform where faith, patriotism, and activism converge, aiming to shape perspectives and prompt action in its viewers.