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Boone Cutler

INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS: Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare: A Conversation with Boone Cutler



In a recent episode of “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” Boone Cutler, co-author of the “Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare,” joined the show to discuss the book and its relevance in today’s socio-political landscape.

Cutler, a self-proclaimed American patriot and veteran, shared insights into the challenges faced by veterans and the need for increased awareness and preparedness. Reflecting on the state of the veteran community post-Iraq and Afghanistan, he emphasized the importance of mutual support and camaraderie.

The book, co-authored with General Michael Flynn, addresses the confusion prevalent among citizens regarding the forces influencing societal narratives. Cutler highlighted the necessity of understanding fifth-generation warfare involving AI-driven psychological programming. He stressed that this form of warfare isn’t confined to physical combat but extends to the psychological realm, affecting individuals daily.

The conversation delved into the global impact of fifth-generation warfare, drawing parallels between various nations, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK. Cutler and Stubbins expressed concerns about the potential consequences of unchecked influences, mainly through AI-driven psychological operations.

Cutler emphasized the need for citizens to be disciplined in understanding the operational environment. He argued that awareness and education are crucial in countering the effects of psychological manipulation and maintaining a united front against divisive tactics.

The discussion expanded to include topics like the border situation, the importance of a robust military, and the need to address criminal behavior without excuses. Cutler advocated for accountability at both individual and societal levels.

The interview also touched upon Cutler’s previous work, “Call Sign Voodoo,” providing a soldier’s perspective on psychological operations during the Iraq War. Cutler shared insights into the effectiveness of psychological operations in empowering individuals and discussed the parallels between those experiences and current societal challenges.

As the conversation concluded, Cutler urged citizens to be vigilant, reject learned helplessness, and actively understand and counter the impact of fifth-generation warfare.