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Border 911

INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS: Escalating Border Crisis Revealed in Shocking Interview with Newsmax’s Jaeson Jones & Tiffany Savage



In a recent episode of “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” Brother Jaeson Jones, Chief Correspondent at Newsmax stationed at the southern border, has provided a startling update on the escalating crisis. The conversation delved into the severe consequences of a surge surpassing previous border crisis definitions.

Jones disclosed critical information from a law enforcement-sensitive report indicating that 82,000 people crossed through the Darien gap in August alone. The influx of 175,000 Venezuelans in the last ten months is of particular concern. He stressed that the situation has evolved into a global problem, with individuals from over 163 countries flowing through the Darien gap, debunking the notion of adequate vetting.

The interview shed light on the brazenness of cartels, which now engage in open activities, including gun battles involving heavy weaponry. Jones emphasized the distressing lack of background information on migrants, highlighting the risk of unvetted individuals and potential security threats, such as the smuggling of dangerous items like fentanyl.

The dire situation extends beyond migrants, impacting American citizens. The interview referenced a rancher who discovered 244 bodies on his property since the start of the Biden administration, situated 69 miles north of the border.

Jones criticized the administration’s handling of the crisis, accusing them of intentional negligence. He highlighted citizens’ abandonment and the challenges law enforcement faced, echoing concerns about national security.

As the crisis intensified, Jones concluded with a grim outlook, predicting no slowdown in the foreseeable future. The interview paints a bleak picture of the border situation, calling for urgent attention to the complex issues.

In the second half of the show, conservative commentator Tiffany Savage, known by the pseudonym Politically Savvy, weighed in on the GOP leadership changes and emphasized the importance of grassroots involvement in local politics.

The discussion began with the departure of Speaker McCarthy, a move that surprised many, especially considering his alignment with the America First movement. Tiffany Savage highlighted the disloyalty within the Democratic Party, pointing out that even those who collaborated with McCarthy in supporting funding to Ukraine turned against him when Matt Gates introduced the motion to vacate.

Savage expressed concern about the chaotic image the Democrats want to project onto the Republican Party. She dismissed the idea of President Trump returning to the House leadership, citing his current legal challenges and the need to focus on his presidential campaign. Instead, she endorsed Steve Scalise, emphasizing his ability to unite the party and his commitment to constitutional principles.

The conversation also touched on potential contenders like Byron Donald and Jim Jordan, with Savage ultimately advocating for grassroots involvement. She urged conservatives to become part of their local GOP, emphasizing the significance of state-level seats in safeguarding constitutional values. The call for local engagement extended beyond federal positions, encouraging participation in everything from judgeships to city councils.

As the episode wrapped up, the discussion shifted towards the upcoming 2024 election, with Savage encouraging viewers to participate actively at the grassroots level. The conversation provided insights into the evolving dynamics within the GOP and underscored the importance of conservative involvement at all levels of government.



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