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CMN ENDORSMENT – Hal Weatherman for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor



In an era of turbulent politics and divisive ideologies, North Carolina desperately needs leaders who can unite citizens under a banner of principled conservatism. Hal Weatherman, a candidate seeking the Republican nomination for the office of Lieutenant Governor, is that beacon of hope. With a deep commitment to family, faith, and serving others, Weatherman embodies the values that conservatives hold dear.

Weatherman’s extensive experience as the former Chief of Staff to former North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest and former US Representative Sue Myrick demonstrates a wealth of knowledge and a strong conservative background. As the founder and President of the Electoral Education Foundation, a 501-C3 non-profit dedicated to advancing election integrity, Weatherman has been on the front lines of safeguarding the fundamental principle of free and fair elections.

One of the most commendable aspects of Weatherman’s campaign is his commitment to a vision for North Carolina that emphasizes the core conservative tenets of limited government and individual rights. He believes that these principles, the bedrock of our nation’s foundation, must be preserved to protect our citizens’ life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Weatherman’s mission statement reflects his passion for addressing the pressing issues affecting North Carolinians’ lives daily. By focusing on improving education to emphasize hard work, individualism, and self-sufficiency, Weatherman aims to empower future generations to achieve the American Dream. His dedication to reforming the education system to prioritize practical life skills and promote entrepreneurship is a much-needed change.

His commitment to fostering entrepreneurship extends to his plan for removing the stigma from trades and trade work. By streamlining the apprenticeship program and providing tax incentives to participating companies, Weatherman intends to reinvigorate the workforce in North Carolina and help citizens secure a bright future.

Weatherman also recognizes the importance of rural areas and agriculture, North Carolina’s primary industry. Through “Rural Opportunity Zones,” he aims to ensure that the benefits of economic growth reach every corner of the state, particularly the 75 most rural counties. His focus on infrastructure investment, including ports, cold storage facilities, and connectivity, will help North Carolina become a global agricultural leader.

In alignment with conservative principles, Weatherman advocates for low taxes, a streamlined regulatory system, and access to affordable and dependable energy. These economic policies are crucial for ensuring long-term success and prosperity for the state.

He demonstrates unwavering support for law and order, which includes backing law enforcement, military, and emergency services. Weatherman is also dedicated to improving access to mental health services for returning veterans and easing their transition into the workforce through certification recognition.

Weatherman vigorously defends the Second Amendment and insists on no restrictions to this constitutionally protected right. He calls for the presence of armed school resource officers in every North Carolina elementary, middle, and high school, prioritizing the safety of our children.

In advocating for free and fair elections, Weatherman will create an election integrity unit within his office to ensure continuous monitoring of the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

As a pro-life advocate, Weatherman seeks to enact a “Heartbeat” bill and streamline the adoption process, further supporting crisis pregnancy health clinics.

Hal’s vision extends to honoring the contributions of North Carolinians by creating a North Carolina Hall of Fame, celebrating those who have made significant contributions to the state in various fields.

In Hal Weatherman, we find a candidate who upholds the core conservative values of limited government, individual liberty, and the pursuit of the American Dream. Weatherman offers North Carolina a vision of hope and prosperity grounded in conservatism

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