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NY Congressman George Santos Discusses Speaker Selection & Key Issues




In the heart of the Speaker of the House hearings at the Longworth Building, we conversed with New York Congressman George Santos. The dialogue offered insight into the next House Speaker’s selection, key political landscape issues, and personal matters.

The conversation began with Congressman Santos discussing the recent vote in the closed-door session. He noted that the vote count was 113 to 99, with eight members voting for an unspecified alternative and three abstaining.

This outcome, that day, led to Congressman Steve Scalise being designated as the Speaker-elect.

Santos highlighted the importance of party cohesion and unity when asked about his thoughts on this process. He emphasized that the party needed to work together as they moved towards the House floor vote.

Shifting the conversation to a more local issue, the interviewer brought up the proposed Casino and Coliseum project on Long Island, to which Santos expressed his lack of support. He cited his opposition to the project, which he felt was inconsistent with supporting the casino development.

The discussion took a historical turn as the interviewees reflected on the significance of the proposed casino location. The discussion described this area’s historical importance, particularly in terms of aviation history and entertainment. It was where Charles Lindbergh took off and served as a backdrop for cultural and entertainment performances.

The conversation then delved into the ongoing situation in Israel as Santos wore an Israeli flag pin. He expressed deep concern and described his efforts to assist constituents trapped in the conflict. He focused on facilitating their safe return to the United States, describing these efforts as tireless and relentless.

Santos was asked about his legal situation and charges. Santos affirmed his intention to fight the charges, maintaining his innocence and expressing his determination to prove it in court.

Regarding the Speaker selection, Santos confirmed his support for Jim Jordan, expressing respect for Scalise but raising concerns about his health and well-being. He voiced his wish for Scalise to prioritize his health and recuperation.

They touched on the release of the January 6th video footage and the situation of J6 prisoners, Santos expressed the importance of transparency and accountability. He called for a full release of the footage and raised concerns about the conditions of detainees.

The conversation concluded with some light-hearted banter about sports and team allegiances. Congressman Santos, a Patriots fan, discussed the current state of New York sports teams, expressing a sour outlook as a Mets fan.

As the Speaker of the House selection process unfolds, and key issues continue to shape the political landscape, Congressman George Santos offered a candid and insightful perspective on these matters.

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