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Byron Donalds

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds Discusses Speaker Selection Process and Key Issues



In the midst of the Speaker of the House hearings at the Longworth Building, we had a brief but insightful conversation with Florida Congressman Byron Donalds. The dialogue touched upon critical issues surrounding the selection of the next House Speaker and the proposed rule change requiring 217 votes for the selection.

When questioned about his thoughts on the rule change requiring 217 votes, Congressman Donalds expressed support for the idea. He emphasized the importance of cohesive decision-making and the need to ensure unity within the party.

Regarding his optimism about securing a Speaker by the week’s end, Donalds expressed optimism, highlighting the path to this goal as gathering the necessary 217 votes.

In a conversation that pivoted between potential Speaker candidates, Donalds pointed out the qualities he values in a Speaker. He believes that the next Speaker should be committed to conservative principles, bring a fresh perspective to leadership, and possess the ability to unify the entire conference.

The discussion also delved into viewers’ concerns, including the release of the January 6th tapes, the status of J-6 prisoners, the release of 41,000 hours of video, and the matter of Ukraine funding. Congressman Donalds expressed his support for releasing the January 6th tapes and the importance of accountability and transparency in Ukraine funding.

When asked about the potential of Jim Jordan as Speaker, Congressman Donalds emphasized that it’s not a matter of comparing individuals but rather looking toward the future. The transition from Kevin McCarthy to the next Speaker is about what’s next and ensuring that the nomination serves the party’s best interests.

Congressman Donalds mentioned his vote would be for Jim Jordan but would support another choice if so chosen by the party.

As the Speaker of the House hearings continue, the focus remains on the path to Speaker selection and the critical issues that require attention in the coming days.

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