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The Grievance Game and Where It Leads



Picture of a victim of genocide.

If modern history taught us anything, it’s that the perpetrators of genocides will always mask and justify their true intentions behind the label of “grievances.” We’ve seen this throughout the 20th century – from Stalin, to Hitler, to Pol Pot – and we’re seeing it again in our lifetimes.

The people who attacked Israel last week – and their supporters – claim that their actions are all the result of a legitimate “grievance” and THEY are the victims. But as usual, the perpetrators of a genocide always tip their hand. Here is the abundance of evidence from NBC news that the attackers specifically targeted women and children.

Targeting women and children solely by race or religion is the very definition of geocide. We cannot let these or any other genocidal maniacs play their grievance game and pit us against one another as they go about committing more and more atrocities: we all need to recognize the evil of genocide for what it is – Christian, Muslim, Jewish, non-religious, left, right, center – and stamp it out right now, before this particular genocide is allowed to burn down the world yet again.

Search world history and ask yourself: has anyone ever successfully negotiated a lasting peace with an advocate of genocide? And if not, why not? That is the question.