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Allen West

INDIVISIBLE WITH JOHN STUBBINS: Lt. Colonel Allen West Discusses Border Crisis and National Security in Exclusive Interview





In a candid and revealing interview on ‘Indivisible with John Stubbins” Show, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, a prominent conservative voice from Texas, shared his firsthand observations of the ongoing border crisis and his concerns about the broader implications for national security.

LTC West delved into the pressing issues surrounding the U.S.-Mexico border, with West emphasizing the gravity of the situation. He began by addressing the rampant illegal activities on the border, including child trafficking and drug smuggling, explicitly highlighting the emergence of the so-called “zombie drug” phenomenon.

West’s experience on the ground in Kinney County, a strategically located region between Eagle Pass and Del Rio, provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by law enforcement and border security officials. He expressed his frustration at the federal government’s response to the border crisis, emphasizing that the problem was not improving despite official reassurances to the contrary.

High-speed chases, cartel operations on social media platforms, and young individuals from across the country participating in smuggling activities were among the concerning trends West mentioned during the interview. He underscored the severity of the crisis, emphasizing that the implications extended far beyond the border region, impacting communities nationwide.

West called for a decisive response to the border crisis, proposing a military intervention to combat the well-organized and well-resourced cartel organizations. He argued that designating these cartels as foreign terrorists would enable the U.S. to target their assets and resources, sending a clear message that such activities would not be tolerated.

Stubbins and West also discussed the need for strong leadership at the state level, particularly in Texas, where West emphasized the importance of governors and state governments taking action across the country to protect the nation’s borders when the federal government has failed to do so effectively.

The conversation shifted to the upcoming GOP presidential debate, where West urged former President Donald Trump not to skip the debate, emphasizing the need for candidates to earn their rankings and maintain focus on critical national issues.

West highlighted the importance of restoring economic, energy, national and domestic border security, along with safeguarding parental rights and educational freedom. He emphasized that these issues should be at the forefront of the political agenda in the lead-up to the next election.

LTC West’s insights provided a comprehensive overview of the border crisis and its impact on national security, leaving no doubt about the urgency of addressing the situation promptly.

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