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Mindy Robinson Addresses Clark County Commissioners, Expressing Concerns Over Nevada’s Election Integrity




In a passionate address at a recent Clark County, Nevada County Commissioner meeting, political commentator and activist Mindy Robinson voiced her deep concerns about the state of Nevada’s election integrity, stirring a heated debate within the community.

Robinson began by asserting that Nevada’s election had become a “catastrophe” that had left the state as the “laughing stock of the nation.” She didn’t mince words as she delved into what she saw as the systemic issues plaguing Nevada’s elections.

First, Robinson highlighted problems she believed should have triggered alarm bells long before the general election. She pointed out that Nevada’s primary election had faced issues, with 40,000 people unable to vote due to problems with their ballots, which she attributed to DMV errors. She argued that this should have led to a redo of the primary election.

Robinson also raised concerns about transparency in the election process. She accused Joe Gloria, an election official, of preventing people who weren’t “progressive” from observing the polls, potentially allowing for foul play without proper oversight. She emphasized the lack of access to the adjudication room, where poll watchers could ensure that votes were accurately counted, as a significant problem.

Furthermore, Robinson criticized the conditions at polling locations, describing people waiting outside in freezing, rainy weather during the election. She questioned why there were no better facilities provided for voters.

Robinson didn’t stop there. She questioned the election results, notably the victory of certain officials, including the Nevada Attorney General, whom she claimed was responsible for a crime wave. She also expressed skepticism about some members of the County Commission, alleging financial fraud and promoting controversial agendas.

Robinson pointedly criticized the County Commission’s decision to certify election results despite hours of testimony from voters who couldn’t cast their ballots in the primary. She argued that the system’s lack of accountability and transparency left the community powerless.

In her closing remarks, Robinson lamented the challenges faced by the community in holding its officials accountable when they are responsible for investigating potential election fraud. She expressed her frustration at the lack of options for recourse and urged those in power to consider the consequences of their actions.

Robinson’s speech concluded with a stark warning, suggesting that if influential individuals took certain actions against her and others, the community’s anger and frustration could reach new heights.
The address by Mindy Robinson has ignited a fierce debate over election integrity and transparency in Nevada, highlighting the deep divisions and concerns within the community. It remains to be seen how these concerns will be addressed and whether they will lead to changes in the election process.

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