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‘Indivisible with John Stubbins’: Ep. 30 – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Discusses Border Crisis, Election Integrity, and Censorship



In a recent episode of “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton discussed pressing issues facing the state and the nation. The interview touched on topics ranging from the border crisis to election integrity and concerns over censorship.

Border Crisis: The interview began focusing on the ongoing border crisis. Paxton emphasized the scale of the issue in Texas, where thousands of people cross the border daily, contrasting it with cities like Washington, D.C., and New York, which only experience a fraction of that influx. Paxton expressed concern over the federal government’s failure to protect the border and accused them of actively inviting people into the country while transporting them to Republican states. He underscored the damaging impact this situation has on citizens, citing the increasing drug-related deaths due to the flow of fentanyl across the border.

Impact on the Economy: Paxton highlighted the broader consequences of the border crisis, which extend beyond lost job opportunities for Americans. He mentioned overcrowded schools, rising taxes, and the overall economic strain. The attorney general urged citizens to consider the long-term effects on their families and communities.

Border Security Measures: Paxton discussed the efforts to address the border situation, such as installing red buoys and razor wire fences. Texas is completing the border wall, but Paxton noted challenges due to legal disputes with the Biden administration. He stressed the importance of these measures in protecting the state and its citizens from the influence of Mexican cartels, who are gaining power and profiting from drug trafficking and human smuggling.

Election Integrity: The conversation shifted to election integrity, a growing concern. Paxton pointed out that Texas faces election-related challenges, including lawsuits from Harris County over election administration issues. He expressed concerns about the recent decision by the Texas Court of Appeals, which struck down a statute from 1951 that empowered the Attorney General to prosecute voter fraud. Paxton believes this decision threatens the state’s ability to combat voter fraud effectively.

Political Influence: Paxton discussed the political landscape within the Texas House, highlighting the role of Speaker David Phelan. He accused Phelan of aligning with Democrats, leading to a lack of progress on critical issues like election integrity. Paxton argued that a change in leadership is necessary to protect Texas from further erosion of election security.

Inflation and Economic Impact: The attorney general addressed the challenges of inflation, higher gas prices, and rising grocery costs. He criticized the Biden administration’s policies, which he believes intentionally led to these economic issues. Paxton highlighted the impact on working-class Americans and the need for a change in direction to mitigate these consequences.

Biden Crime Family and Censorship: The interview touched on various distractions and alleged corruption within the Biden administration. Paxton expressed skepticism about whether Joe Biden would be held accountable for any wrongdoing. He also raised concerns about censorship on social media platforms, citing ongoing lawsuits against companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google. He emphasized the importance of ensuring freedom of speech in the digital age.

In conclusion, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s interview on “Indivisible with John Stubbins” shed light on critical issues facing the state and the nation. From the border crisis to election integrity and censorship, Paxton offered valuable insights and expressed the need for immediate action and accountability. The interview provided viewers with a deeper understanding of these complex challenges and the attorney general’s commitment to addressing them on behalf of the people of Texas.



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