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‘Indivisible w/John Stubbins’: Ep. 33 – Trevor Loudon Discusses Marxist Infiltration of Churches



Conservative commentator Trevor Loudon exposes the infiltration of Marxism into American churches in an interview with Indivisible’s John Stubbins.

In an exclusive interview on the show “Indivisible,” host John Stubbins sat down with conservative author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon to discuss the alarming infiltration of Marxism into American churches. The interview, shed light on the trend of leftist ideologies entering religious institutions.

A Stealthy Ideological Invasion

Loudon, a prolific author known for his conservative viewpoints, began the conversation by emphasizing the importance of protecting traditional American values, which he believes have been eroded by a subtle yet powerful ideological invasion. He argued that once bastions of faith, churches have increasingly become platforms for promoting leftist agendas such as critical race theory and climate change.

A Century-Long Infiltration

Loudon’s insights into this issue have been compiled into a documentary series titled “Enemies Within the Church.” According to him, the infiltration of Marxism into churches began over a century ago but has gained momentum in recent years. This infiltration is marked by promoting doctrines that deviate from traditional religious teachings.

The Deceptive Path of Marxist Influence

Loudon asserted that many churches now propagate ideas akin to
Marxism under different names, leading their congregations down a deceptive path. He claimed that these churches are teaching their members to embrace communism, which he sees as a departure from the true mission of religious institutions.

A Global Religious Merger

The conversation took a global turn when Loudon explained that the ultimate goal of these Marxist influences is to create a one-world religion, merging various faiths into a single global entity. He expressed concern that churches are being manipulated to facilitate this merger, emphasizing the role of influential figures like the Pope.

The CCP’s Hand in American Chaos

Stubbins and Loudon also delved into the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in American politics. Loudon argued that the CCP had infiltrated the highest levels of American governance, including the White House. He contended that the current administration is under the control of Chinese assets, citing policies like military cutbacks and border security issues as evidence.

The CCP’s Multi-Faceted Assault

Loudon outlined a series of actions he believes the CCP has taken to destabilize America, including the introduction of fentanyl and the manipulation of big tech companies. He accused the CCP of orchestrating the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, alleging that these events were part of a coordinated effort to weaken the United States.

An Urgent Call to Action

Throughout the interview, Loudon and Stubbins stressed the urgency of the situation. They discussed the concerning trend of police forces resigning en masse due to the prevailing atmosphere of distrust and disrespect. They also urged Americans to stand up against the infiltration of Marxism into churches and the broader society.

Hope Amidst Turmoil

Despite the alarming nature of the discussion, both Loudon and Stubbins expressed hope in the form of a growing resistance among ordinary Americans. They highlighted the efforts of organizations like Moms for Liberty and encouraged people to become actively involved in defending American values.


The interview with Trevor Loudon on “Indivisible” offered a sobering look at the infiltration of Marxism into American churches and its broader implications for the country. Loudon’s warning about a coordinated effort to subvert traditional values serves as a call to action for those who cherish the principles on which the nation was founded. While the challenges are daunting, the interview underscored the resilience and determination of those who refuse to let America’s core values be eroded without a fight.

“Enemies Within The Church”


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