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REAWAKEN AMERICA: Chris Sky: A Canadian Freedom Fighter’s Quest for Change



Las Vegas – (Reawaken America) –

In a recent interview, Ian Trottier of ‘Discussions of Truth’ had an engaging conversation with Chris Sky, a prominent figure in Canada’s freedom movement. Chris Sky, a businessman turned activist, shared his journey and mission, shedding light on the impact of COVID-19 measures, government corruption, and his plans for the future.

A Fight for Small Businesses and Individual Rights

Chris Sky, known for his advocacy against COVID-19 measures, explained that his journey began when he recognized the potential harm these measures posed to small businesses, children, and general quality of life. His unique background in business development gave him a distinct perspective, allowing him to see how governments operated from the public and private sectors.

“Governments are corrupt, lie, and manipulate people,” he stated. His passion for protecting small businesses, constituting 97% of all companies in Canada and the US and employing roughly 70% of the workforce, drove him to action. During the pandemic, 30% of these businesses were lost, which he saw as unacceptable.

Sky was also profoundly concerned about the psychological effects of lockdown measures on children. He described these measures as “trauma-based conditioning” that could severely impact their potential as adults.

A Resilient Advocate

Chris Sky’s advocacy was not without challenges. He shared that he was arrested 27 times and faced 73 charges, all of which he managed to beat. He even got banned from entering the United States due to his activism.

Despite these setbacks, Sky’s determination remained unwavering. He embarked on a “Tour to Unite the World,” intending to bring a cohesive message to major Commonwealth countries, starting in Canada and the US. He believed unity and non-compliance were the keys to preventing further restrictions and government overreach.

A Worldwide Mission

Sky explained that he first chose to visit the United States on his tour because he believed it to be a bastion of freedom. He shared his experience of crossing the U.S.-Canada border, where he initially faced scrutiny but ultimately received support, even earning a nomination for an American Liberty Award in Texas.

His tour spanned several US states, and he had plans to extend it globally. He mentioned events in the UK, the Netherlands, and Australia. His overarching message was clear: “The name of the game is prevention. We protest, we start, we stop complying before it starts.”

Concerns About Central Banks and Global Influence

When asked about the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Sky emphasized its role as the “Central Bank of Central Banks” and expressed concerns about central banks’ control over nations through debt. He called for dismantling these international banks and advocated for canceling all countries’ obligations to them.

An Eye on Monetary History

Sky delved into the history of money, explaining how the Federal Reserve’s creation led to the devaluation of the US dollar. He pointed out that before the Federal Reserve, a dollar was tied to the value of an ounce of silver. This ensured stable purchasing power. However, after the Federal Reserve took over, the dollar lost its value over time due to inflation.

He also connected this monetary history to President John F. Kennedy, noting that Kennedy’s Executive Order 1110, which aimed to reintroduce silver-backed currency, threatened the Federal Reserve’s power. Sky believed that this was a significant factor in Kennedy’s assassination.

The Power of Non-Compliance and Unity

In the interview, Sky emphasized the importance of non-compliance as a means to prevent further government overreach. He believed stopping restrictions at the mask mandate stage could prevent further encroachments on personal freedoms, including vaccine passports and digital IDs.

A Unique Perspective

Towards the end of the interview, Sky shared his personal phone number and encouraged direct contact with him. He also invited anyone interested to visit his website for more information and ways to support his mission.

Final Thoughts

Chris Sky’s journey from a businessman to a prominent activist is a testament to the power of conviction and the fight for individual rights. His relentless efforts to protect small businesses and preserve personal freedoms have earned him a following that spans across borders. While his activism has faced opposition, Sky remains undeterred, continuing his mission to unite people against government overreach and raise awareness about critical issues that affect us all.






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