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Republican Debate Thoughts – August 2023



I am for Donald Trump though and through.

I have been a Trump fan since he embarrassed Ed Koch with the renovation of the ice rink in Central Park (and even more so because Koch bashed his seat one time on a flight so badly that he made my mothers knees bleed).
However as a review of tonight’s debate here are my thoughts.
Trump won by not being there. Great strategic move.
I like Vivek. However, I am waiting for him to be thoroughly vetted before pickling him as #2. I have had an opportunity to meet him at CPAC.
I do not like anyone else in the grand scheme of things but DeSantis would come next on the list.
There is no way I can get behind the traitor known as Pence.
I have Christie fatigue. Please go away.
Haley just gets on my nerves because I think she speaks in circles and just doesn’t say much.
Tim Scott could be a #2 or #3 in my eyes.
What are the other two guy’s names?
My ranking:

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