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Enrique Tarrio

The Last Interview with Sam Wade: Controversial Figure Enrique Tarrio Addresses Critics and Clarifies His Position




In a candid interview conducted on May 14, 2021, Enrique Tarrio, a prominent conservative figure and leader of the controversial organization known as the “Proud Boys,” sat down with Sam Wade to address various misconceptions and criticisms surrounding him and his group. The conversation aimed to shed light on his perspectives and motivations and his response to allegations made against him.

Tarrio began by acknowledging the significant attention he has garnered, primarily due to his association with the Proud Boys. He emphasized that he pays little heed to what critics say about him but keeps a close eye on the perceptions and comments regarding his organization. Notably, he clarified that he is not a white supremacist, a label frequently attributed to him.

One of the critical points Tarrio addressed was a recent news story that attempted to link his past experiences to his current role. He revealed that he had worked for the Department of Defense as a security contractor for over a decade, during which time he conducted security assessments. Additionally, he mentioned a previous arrest stemming from a lack of proper licensing for selling a product. He firmly denied any illegal activities and stressed that these events were being misrepresented to cast a negative light on him.

Another interview aspect centered on the Proud Boys’ interactions with law enforcement. Tarrio explained that cooperation with law enforcement agencies is part of their routine when planning marches and events. He emphasized that this cooperation is regular and should not be misconstrued as problematic.

Sam Wade inquired about Tarrio’s feelings regarding the widespread criticism he faces and the impact of media portrayals on his reputation. Tarrio admitted that some Americans might hold negative assumptions about him due to media coverage but expressed his determination to reach out to those unaware of his true motives and principles. He urged individuals critical of him to watch videos of his interviews to understand better his views and the accomplishments of the Proud Boys, emphasizing their dedication to preserving liberty.

Tarrio’s overarching motive became evident when he shared a personal anecdote about his grandfather, who left Cuba for a better life in the United States. He emphasized that his commitment to his cause is deeply rooted in his family history and his desire to protect the freedoms he believes are under threat. Tarrio affirmed that he is unwavering in his dedication to this mission.

In conclusion, Enrique Tarrio’s interview provided a glimpse into the man behind the headlines and his perspective on the controversies surrounding him. While critics may persist, Tarrio remains focused on his goals and is determined to engage with those willing to understand his perspective. The conversation served as a platform for Tarrio to clarify his position and motivations amid the ongoing scrutiny surrounding him and the Proud Boys.





Dallas, Tx – Pure Social’s Sam Wade interviews Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio.

Two reasons we are posting this.

First, Enrique has been in the news. CMN has spent time with Enrique over the last year. We try to present Enrique as to who he really is and not how the media wants to portray him.

Secondly, the reason this is Sam’s last interview is that he passed away in a tragic accident. CMN also spent time with Sam. He is a great patriot and grassroots activist. Please remember him and his wife and kids. Check out the other video with Sam.

We love you Sam.

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