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January 6th

More Video from January 6th that clears Jacob Chansley, the “Q Anon Shaman”



Video circulating on conservative media clearly shows Jacob Chansley, a.k.a, the “Q Anon Shaman” NOT inciting violence, but instead reading Donald Trump’s tweet encouraging protesters to disband and leave the Capital area.

As you can see, no one is armed and no one is destroying property. Yet the main stream media, and their democratic and republican allies, still insist on pushing the “insurrection” lie. So this begs the question:

Who do you believe, the video or your lying eyes?

Thanks to Tucker Carlson on Fox News, the dam is starting to break and the Fake News Narrative about January 6th is finally starting to come to light.

And the evidence is clear: this “insurrection” was a government setup from the jump, organized and facilitated by an outrageously corrupt democratic party.

Each day more evidence, like the video above, comes to light. And more and more Americans are starting to see how corrupt their own government is, and how far they will go to silence dissent.

The reason for the corruption is simple: money. With trillion dollar budgets, how much of that money is siphoned off in the form of payoffs and other graft? Most likely billions.

And it’s no wonder that those who are the recipients of all that case will do anything, absolutely anything, to keep the money flowing. And they have, and they will continue to do so.

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