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Peter Ticktin

TICKTIN: Trump’s High School Pal Speaks About the Decent Nice Guy Prez Trump Is



Florida – Former high school roommate and current attorney for President Trump, Peter Ticktin, speaks about a story of when the President helped a smaller student during their time in the NT Military Academy.


About Peter Ticktin

Peter Ticktin, Founder and Managing Partner, The Ticktin Law Group is a courtroom lawyer in South Florida. He was classmates with Donald Trump at the New York Military Academy.

Mr. Ticktin’s practice is centered on representing individuals and businesses with creative approaches to achieve the most pragmatically sensible results.

About The Ticktin Law Group: The Ticktin Law Group ( www.LegalBrains.com ) was founded by Peter Ticktin in 1991 and has offices across Florida. The attorneys are a dynamic team of strategists and trial lawyers who possess a diverse range of experiences across many areas of law.

During the housing market collapse, The Ticktin Law Group unearthed the banks’ fraudulent activity and helped 50 Attorney Generals and the Federal Government obtain a $30 Billion recovery.

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