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CPAC 2022

Lucretia Hughes and John Paul Moran Discuss Go-USA’s OppScore



The Political Credit RatingTM system Based on GOUSA’s 5-Point Opportunity Star: The OppScore®.

The message is simple: Either our elected officials in America are working FOR us and providing the opportunity for a better life for ourselves, our families, and communities – or they are corruptly working AGAINST us, eliminating opportunity and serving themselves, their pockets, corporate lobbyists and special interests instead.  We need an easy-to-use system to simply identify who is who, based on what the majority of voters stand for on the issues they care the most about.  Politicians who aren’t serving the interests of people need to be replaced with those who will.

The fact is that voters are far more united than we are divided on the critical issues, and the data gathered by our Political Credit Rating system proves it.  No single political party truly has our backs and there must be a better way to choose our legislators than by party affiliation alone. American voters need a clear way to determine which of our legislators are working for us, and which are working against us, based on a majority consensus on the issues..

What is the OppScore® from GOUSA? It’s a non-partisan, universal political credit rating based on the Five Points of Opportunity, popular principles which are constitutional, advance voter opportunity, and are supported by the vast majority of voters. In short, the OppScore stands for and with the American people on the issues that matter to them most.  It’s that simple

Movies get Rotten Tomatoes ratings.  Businesses get Yelp ratings. Now, Politicians are finally getting rated too, with the OppScore® from GOUSA.  Keeping them 100% Accountable, like a FICO credit score for politicians. We are asking all voters in America to endorse the OppScore, and demand that their legislators do the same. Endorse here. 

How does it work?  “If sunlight is the best disinfectant, then the OppScore® is the Best Political Disinfectant”.

We need a universal and non-partisan political rating system like this for our elected officials, who will often lie and use slick ad campaigns to win office – and then break their promises to focus on their own pockets, power, control, and outside interests instead of us, the people, their true bosses at GOUSA, we assembled the top issues that American voters are the most concerned about and separated them into Five Points of Opportunity that map to the five points in the GOUSA Opportunity Star – Personal, Economic, Social, Educational, and National Opportunity. As the “Land of Opportunity” Americans expect that their legislators are working to provide more opportunity and a better life – not to serve themselves and other interests at our expense.  4 out of 5 voters today believe they are self-serving and unaccountable to the public.

We then looked at each of these issues and asked, “What do the majority of voters support for each issue?” We studied polls, surveys, and voter research using sources from all sides of the political spectrum.  To rate sitting legislators and candidates, we objectively study their published positions and policy statements on the issues, voting records, press statements, interviews, and social media, as well as ratings from a range of qualified nonprofit organizations.

Our political credit rating system rewards points to legislators and candidates who stand for 25 Pro-Opportunity principles that are supported by the majority of voters – and penalizes them when they stand against these principles with negative Anti-Opportunity points.

The OppScore system ranges from -5.0 points (extreme Anti-Opportunity) to 0 (no Opportunity) up to +5.0 points (strong Pro-Opportunity).   In GOUSA’s view, all politicians should achieve an OppScore of +3.0 points or higher, or be removed from office by the voters and replaced with a candidate who represents the People.

The system is based on GOUSA’s 5 Points of Opportunity as identified in the five-point star depicted below, “Personal Opportunity” at the top point, followed by the rest in a clockwise fashion: Economic, Social, Educational, and National Opportunity.







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