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We have three more years of Biden and the Democrats to carry out their systematic plan to destroy the United States as we patriots know it. That means three more years of failure, three more years of our children being indoctrinated by Democrat teachers to hate our country, and three more years to inflict more tyranny in our inner cities upon minorities.

We must face three more years of the Democrat’s attempts to steal every election so that Republicans and Conservatives never win another race.

It is clear that Biden does not run this country, and he is controlled by Obama, Pelosi, and Schumer, the three most significant threats to our Republic.

The Democrats have now put this country in more danger of a terrorist attack before 9/11, and they have no issue with that. This disgracefully pathetic withdrawal from Afghanistan has created a new threat to this country that only Democrats can embrace and laugh about.

If we had fair and honest media, this would not be happening right now. The mainstream media such as MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS can no longer be trusted and conspire with the Marxist Democrats to destroy our country.

The only real news media is Fox News, NewsMax, OAN, and some other conservative sites that can be trusted. We know from past experience that the Democrats do not care about the lives of Americans; they want to defund the Police and put children and good citizens in danger in the inner cities to be murdered by thugs.

They let Antifa and BLM riot and destroy and take over cities while they order their Police to stand by and watch. The upper echelon of the FBI and DOJ can no longer be trusted as bastions of integrity and law and order.

The Marxists are now utilizing them to turn every Trump supporter into a terrorist. I wouldn’t be surprised if they now have a file on me and thousands of other peaceful supporters of our constitution. A blind man can see what’s going on in this country, and still, Americans sit back and don’t get involved hoping that a small percentage of us do all the work.

Well, we can’t do it alone and need to help of every American who thinks this country is great and that the constitution and the bill of rights should never be questioned or outlawed. It’s time for every Patriotic American to wake up and tell the Democrats and the mainstream media, “Don’t Tread on Me.”

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