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Allied Airlift 2021



Naqib Mirzada dropped any of his military-related items before he reached a Taliban checkpoint in order to avoid any suspicion of being in the military. Days later, a soldier found this.

“I asked one of my guys a question on the radio that was easier answered in person, so he walks over to my truck. On the way back, he spots it and brings it over to me and is like ‘is this a West Point jacket?’” – anonymous Class of 2018 platoon leader.

Imagine trying to bring your family to safety as your country is being overrun. You only bring the essentials and everything else is left behind, so you bring your West Point Full Dress Jacket. It just means more.

What are the odds that the soldier spotted this amongst all the chaos and clutter? I can’t wait until this jacket is returned to its rightful owner. What a miracle.

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With all the craziness going on, there’s a group of USMA Graduates doing their best to get fellow grads, American citizens and afghan families out of Kabul.

As of 8pm pacific, they have been able to secure the safe passage of 100 people out of Kabul. This picture was sent to me earlier today from the gates of Hamid Karzai Airport.

If anyone needs help getting a friend or family member out of Afghanistan, please reach out to:

The Long Gray Line continues to do amazing things – let’s keep it going until the last bird leaves.

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“The Crew made the decision to go” — They saved 640 from the Taliban. Well done, RCH871.

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Powerful. An Afghan child sleeps on the cargo floor of a US Air Force C-17 Globemaster, kept warm by the uniform of the loadmaster, during an evacuation flight from Kabul. (United States Air Force)

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Class of 2017 – and family.

Successfully evacuated and safe in Qatar. More to follow but well done to all involved.

(Before all the Keyboard Warriors get upset, we were given the approval to share this photo)

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