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CPAC TEXAS – MSNBC’s Ali Vitali with Accusations of Lying as Trump Speaks



Dallas, TX – A President Trump speaks to a large block of his supporters at this year’s CPAC Texas, MSNBC reporter Ali Vitali is reporting live.

According to the description of this panel from MSNBC.com, “At the conclusion of the conservative CPAC conference in Dallas, former President Trump gave the closing speech. He also got some good news. A new straw poll from the conference shows Trump leading Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by a whopping 51 percentage points, if he in fact runs in 2024. Alicia Menendez talks to a panel of political insiders about what Democrats need to do immediately to make sure Trump doesn’t steal his way to another nomination.”

Although she mentions to the panel that she will be speaking in quiet tones, she spoke loud enough where several conservative reporters on the floor beneath the mainstream media riser could actually hear her.

Initially thought to be a CNN reporter it turned out to be an MSNBC reporter as both news agencies were broadcasting from the same exact spot. Aiya Kelley of the Logan County Courier was the first to notice the distraction.

The video here includes live behind the scene footage. As a conservative news organization, we are just amazed at the amount of vitriol by the entire panel against so many people who have strong beliefs.

As mentioned in this clip, there were indeed people describing different scenarios that could play out over the course of the next few months. Citizen Media News spoke with one of these individuals in an earlier segment.


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