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Meet Jeremy Liggett (R-FL07)



Orlando, Florida – CPAC 2021

Why was Citizen Media News at CPAC? To bring you news and information about outstanding citizen candidates for congress, candidates that deserve to get noticed, and most importantly, to help shine the spotlight on the type of people we need in congress!

Citizen Media News was honored to speak with one such candidate, Jeremy Liggett, who is a congressional candidate for Florida’s District 7, which is centered in the north-central portion of the state.

Jeremy represents the new breed of “citizen politician” (as opposed to “professional politician”) that the founders of our country had in mind for congress: people with real-world jobs and life experience, experience that they could bring with them to congress to better serve the needs of the people.

Jeremy is one such candidate: Jeremy is an Army veteran and proudly sports very large “1776” and “We the People” tattoos on his arms. No wonder our fearless editor-in-chief Roger Farina was eager to meet him: Roger is former Army too. (Unlike clubby journalists and the permanent political class, these are two guys who understand the working world.)

Jeremy told Citizen Media News that he was a former police officer in Atlanta, Georgia, and now he’s a small business owner in Florida. Jeremy felt compelled to run for office; he said “It’s important to get up off the couch and do something!”

What Jeremy wants to bring to congress is the belief that “There are two things bigger than the government: belief in God and the power of community.” Jeremy says that in the military, you dealt with people from other countries, but as a police officer in the U.S., you dealt with people from the community, and “it’s important to work with the community.”

Jeremy worries that ordinary citizens have a hard time getting in touch with our representatives because they’re not big donors. He also favors term limits and is against the “cancel culture” that has run amok in society today, and he is definitely against defunding the police and will fight to protect the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

We like you and we like your message Jeremy! Take a look at our full interview above. Jeremy can be reached at or you can E-mail him at

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