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CPAC 2021 – CMN confronts CNN’s Jim Acosta at CPAC



Scroll forward to the 2:40 mark.

Roger Farina, the fearless founder and editor of Citizen Media News, confronted Jim Acosta at the Conservative Political Action Committee meeting in Orlando, Florida on Friday, February 26th. It was a Mano-a-mano confrontation:  CNN, an arm of the Democratic Party Establishment versus Citizen Media News, a scrappy website with a growing readership of activist conservatives, met each other for the first time in person.

The meeting did not go well for CNN!

Roger Farina repeatedly called out Jim Acosta for his lies about the alleged riot on the Capital in January 6th of this year. In the confrontation (the one we posted, not the one CNN edited) you can hear Roger repeatedly question Jim as to why the Capital hill officers LET the protestors in the building, a question for which Jim had no answer.

And it’s no surprise Jim didn’t have an answer: because the truth of that day did not fit the narrative that CNN was pushing, the same Big Lies that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were pushing: that the rioters were violent, out of control, and were there at President Trump’s instigation.

In fact, the only person killed in the Capital that day (key words: “in the Capital” and “that day”) was an unarmed Trump protestor: a U.S. Air Force veteran, who was shot by Capital Police.

The narrative of the left has been proven false and misleading at best, yet no retractions or corrections by CNN or other Establishment/Democratic network news outlets have been offered. Roger took Acosta to account, and at least as far as CMN is concerned, the lies have been answered and the record for history has been corrected.

Shine on CMN with the bright light of truth and accuracy!

Short version of CMN and Jim Acosta interaction:

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