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Lee Murphy Congress Candidate Delaware



Lee won the election day vote by a substantial margin, gathering almost 197,000 votes in Delaware’s At-Large race, more votes than most Congressional districts across the country. The mail in ballots were a different story.  Running in the state where Joe Biden was at the top of the ticket is challenging, but Lee Murphy had never walked away from a tough fight.  We are now focused on clearing voters rolls and taking our country back.


Lee Murphy is the Republican candidate for Congress, Delaware at-large, running against incumbent Lisa Blunt Rochester.

Lee graduated from Rowan University (NJ) with a B.A. in Education and later attended Columbia University’s (NYC) Graduate School of Business, majoring in Sports Management.

Mr. Murphy is a former teacher and coach. He left teaching to pursue a career with the railroad industry to support a growing family. He recently completed a 35-year career with Amtrak.  As a locomotive engineer, he ran high speed passenger trains between NYC and Washington, D.C.

Since retiring, Lee has pursued a successful actingcareer, appearing as the Secretary of Defense in the hit show House of Cards.  He is currently in three nationally broadcast TV commercials.

Mr. Murphy is a strong supporter of President Trump. He supports a growing economy, a strong defense, the second amendment, and is a pro-life advocate.

Please contact Sherry Jarrell, Campaign Manager, via email Lee@GoMurph.com or cell (336) 403 6143 for all media requests.  



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