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Synopsis of the Resignation Letter of the Capital Police Chief Steven A. Sund



The following is a synopsis of the resignation letter of the Capital Police Chief Steven A. Sund dated February 1, 2021, and Chief Sund’s timeline of the course of events on January 6 with my comments.

The timeline reveals that the Capital attack occurred at 12:52 pm while the Trump Supporters were still listening to Trump’s speech, which ended at approx. 1:16. It was then when the Trump Supporters started walking to the Capital. A friend of mine who was at the rally said it took 40 mins to get to the lawn in front of the Capital.

The Democrat’s contention that Trump provoked a riot is pure lunacy; the facts are that the Capital attack started, and the bombs were found before Trump’s speech ended, and according to the FBI, the bombs were put in place the night before. Mr. Magoo (a blind cartoon character) can see that the attack was well-planned way before January 6, so impeaching Trump is purely a smokescreen to shy away from the incompetence of the Democrats who may have known about the attack prior to January 6 when they warned their fellow democrats as AOC stated on Fox News a week earlier.

According to Trump’s White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, he commented on Fox News Maria Bartiromo’s show that President Trump offered to deploy 10,000 National Guard Troops before January 6 to support law enforcement and was refused.

The question is who refused them, and under what basis were they refused? Most likely, they were rejected based on the intelligence that Chief Sund received. Trump ordered the Secretary of Defense to be ready in the event the Capital Police needed them. These are not the actions of a man who wants to be part of an attack on the Capital.

Apparently, English is the 2nd language for those Democrats wishing to impeach Trump because his words on January 6 never, and I mean never mentioned violence or taking over the Capital.

It is clear to see from Chief Sund’s letter that the failure at the Capital that day was not the fault of Chief Sunds but that of the Bureaucracy, the failure of the Intelligence Community and members of Congress.

Chief Sunds sounded the warning, and those who had the power to call the NG (National Guard) were willfully blind to Chief Sund’s requests.

Capital Attack Timeline:

After January 6 AOC, appears on Fox News and states that she was warned by other members of Congress a week before January 6, it could be violent. Why is this relevant first in the timeline? You will see (Was AOC notified a week earlier, or is it a lie, and if she was, why did she not make sure that there was more protection and enable the Sgt at Arms to authorize the NG.

What the Capital Chiefs resignation letter said:

January 2, Chief contacted the MPD (Metropolitan Police Dept.) Chief Contee to discuss support if necessary, for January 6, MPD would help, put a plan in place, and on the 6th MPD pre-staged significant resources on the N. Side of the Capital.

January 4 The Chief received the Daily Intel Report with an assessment that indicated that the level of probability of civil disobedience on January 6 was remote to improbable. The Secretary of Homeland Security did not issue an elevated or imminent alert at this time. (back to AOC fox news statement, and Dems knew something but intel as of this date did not!!!!,)Where did the Democrats get their intelligence information regarding the 6th a week in advance when intel knew nothing on January 4!!!!

Based on this intel Report the Chief developed and implemented his security plans for the 6th. He directed all hands and activated all 250 officers, which was always enough for a demonstration they ever handled in the past.

The Chief also reached out to the two Sgt of Arms at the Capital to request the National Guard’s assistance since the Chief had NO AUTHORITY to do so! The House Sgt of Arms, Mr. Irving, stated he was concerned about the optics and did not feel the intel report didn’t support it and referred him to the Senate Sgt at Arms Mr. Stenger where the Chief again requested the National Guard.

Stenger did not approve it but suggested that the Chief ask the NG how quickly he could get support from them if he needed assistance on January 6. The Chief then called Gen. Walker, who stated he could provide 125 NG and have them fairly quickly. The Chief then asked the Gen. to be prepared in the event he needed them quickly.

January 5…The Chief held a virtual meeting with his executive team, all three principals of the Capitol Police Board, and a dozen top LE and military officials from DC to include the USSS, FBI, and NG. During the meeting, no one, including the FBI, provided any intel indicating that violent extremists would attack the Capital and that there was no NEW intel. The DHS did NOT issue a new threat advisory in reference to a violent attack on the Capital.

Days before the 6th, the Chief briefed members of Congress per their request (this is days before NOT a week before as AOC said other Democrats members notified her of Congress). Members that were briefed were Chairman Blunt, Chairperson Lofgren, Chairman Ryan, and Representative Waters. They were all briefed on the Chief’s preparations, and nothing in the Chief’s letter indicated that those members of Congress feared an attack.

January 6:

12:52 pm a pipe bomb is discovered at the Republican National Committee Hdqtrs., and a large group is approaching the West Front of the Capitol (note: Trump is still giving his speech, which ended around 1:16 when the walk to the Capital begun) The Chief acted quickly and sent resources to the scene. When the group reached the perimeter, they immediately began to fight the Police.

The group consisted of thousands of well-coordinated, well-equipped violent criminals. They had weapons, chemical munitions, protective equipment, explosives, and climbing gear. A number of them were wearing radio earpieces, indicating a high level of coordination.

1:00 pm The Chief saw the situation was deteriorating rapidly, and at 1:09 pm, the Chief requested assistance from the USSS other agencies and the two Sgt’s of Arms for both houses of Congress. and to declare a state of emergency and authorize the National Guard. (NOTE: Trump is giving his speech, and supporters still haven’t moved towards the Capital) Mr. Irving advised the Chief it had to go up the Chain of Command.

1:50 pm Over 40 mins later, the Chief is told by Mr. Stenger he was waiting to hear back from Congressional Leadership. The Chief, then noting the extreme urgency contacted the NG General William Walker that he should have approval soon for their help. Meanwhile, another bomb is discovered at the Democrat National Committee, and resource sent. (Reveals coordinated attack)

1:51 pm The Chief requested assistance, and over 1700 officers from 18 Law enforcement agencies responded to help.

2:10 pm Chief receives authorization from the CPB to request NG; however, he would learn that his request had to be authorized by the DOD.

2:28 pm Chief learns that he needs another approval from the Pentagon for NG to respond. Chief has a call with Pentagon, and Lt. General Walker Piatt stated he did not like the optics of the NG surrounding the Capital and that he would rather leave this to the Police.

Again, the Chief said he needed support immediately and that it was his only option and that he did not have enough officers to handle the situation. Gen Piat told the Chief that he was preparing to brief the Secretary of the Army and advise him not to support the NG response.

Chief Conte, MPD, then stated to Gen Piat, “so you are denying a request from the Capital Police” Then Contee asked the Chief are you requesting National Guard Assistance” and the Chief responded Yes. Gen Piatt then stated that he would run it up the chain of command at the Pentagon.

4:00 pm still no authorization for NG Mr. Stenger offered to call Mitch McConnel to have him expedite the request from the Sec. of Army

5:40 pm The first 150 NG show up to be sworn in and act. 4 hrs and 40 minutes after the first request for help.

For those who think that Sund’s letter is false, I can say that all this can be verified as factual through phone records, minutes of meetings, and other easy evidence to follow. Chief Sunds is a fall guy for the Intel Community’s failure, and others he requested assistance.

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