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Did you recently NOT have COVID?



Did you or a loved one recently not have COVID, if so, you may be entitled to a #FakeNews phone call from your local government.

Due to a recent viral video, from roller coaster fanatic DJ Timmay (which can be seen here), Citizen Media News is receiving reports that health departments across the country are asking people who tested positive for COVID to report that the symptoms were worse than they actually were.

If have been asked by a government agency to inflate the severity of your symptoms, if you tested negative and were still asked to report as if you tested positive, or if you did not take a test and were asked to report positive symptoms, we would like to hear about it for a future article.

Please contact us at:  skewedcovid@citizenmedianews.com

Include the who, what, where, when, how, and why.

Lastly, to Tim, three things.

1) Coney Island’s Cyclone is still unmatched as a true roller coaster.

2) You are a great American in helping spread this message.

3) You earned Citizen Media News’ REBEL LEGEND accolade.

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