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Army Must Answer For PFC Guillen



Absolutely heartbreaking.

Its sinister what they did to Vanessa Guillen.

Listening to the Army give their press conference today.

They had no answers, even said they couldn’t say she had ever been sexually harassed because there were no formal complains me.

The fact that her unit instantly disregarded her and thought she just went AWOL is horrible.

Vanessa’s chain of command must be held accountable  the basic leadership tenet is first and foremost keeping your soldiers safe.

this command failed.

The Army waited 58 days to initiate a sexual harassment investigation into the allegations concerning Pfc. Vanessa Guillen.

It can only be surmised the class after class of EO and SMART training are little more than “eyewash” to look good and provide cover for leaders.

Obviously, the Army nor this chain of command viewed sexual harassment as a crime!  Perhaps if they did, Vanessa would not have gone through that horrific tragedy.

As in the book “The General’s Daughter” it was not the crime that was the most horrific act, it was the betrayal.

The Army’s biggest dirty little secret is sexual assault and harassment and it has to STOP!! This is unacceptable!!

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