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Atlanta: 139 – 18



Another senseless killing in America.

Over the weekend, Rayshard Brooks, entered into an altercation with police that resulted in his death. This report is not trying to diminish the loss of Rayshard’s life. In someway this report may actually pay his death justice.

Some years ago, Chris Rock did a video about how young black men can stay out of trouble with the police. Watching the videos of this incident, I couldn’t help but think about the advice that Rock gives in his video from the “Chris Rock Show.” It has profanity so we will not share it here.

There are two things inherent in this story as portrayed by Mr. Brook’s attorneys and the main-stream media.

As stated in the first order of advice Rock dishes out in his video, “Obey the Law.” If Mr. Brooks was indeed inebriated or considered trespassing he could have been considered to have been breaking the law. Further, resisting arrest, striking the officers and ultimately stealing one of the officer’s weapons can only lead to one result. If Mr. Brooks had remained calm this situation could have ended much differently.

Citizen Media News is tired of all the killing. Period.

However, we are also tired of the continued hype. The lawyers portrayed these events mitigating every aspect of this scenario except for the worst crime that Mr. Brooks committed. When you have something in your hand and you turn to face the police, after a rough fight that you as a suspect escaped from, can expect nothing less than to get law enforcement weapons fired at you.

After mourning the death of the suspect as an individual and a human, it was stated in another CMN article, the crime is never analyzed.

One of the mainstream media analysts mentioned that the cops should know better. Their training should have served them better. Their “muscle memory” of their training should have afforded them the error-free split-second decision needed after Rayshard stole one of the officer’s weapons.

Muscle Memory.

There is little doubt that this statement by the liberal commentator is correct. When a suspect stole a weapon from an officer, their “muscle memory” takes over to ensure for the further protection of that officer and their partner.

The second part is the overwhelming sensationalism of this movement of division perpetrated after these shootings. It is generally believed that there are 1,000 deaths caused by the police year. Some years more, some years less. There are approximately 800,000 law enforcement officers on duty throughout the country. During a given calendar year, the police may have sixty million contacts with the public. In both situations, the percentage is .17% and .13% respectively.

Every single one of those deaths is tragic. Striving to reduce those numbers even more is paramount. But it is unfair that our country has betrayed the trust of the 99% of all good law enforcement officers due to these low percent.

What is more tragic is the numbers for Atlanta overall below the Tweet.

The deaths and rate of death of young black men in Chicago is staggering. But so is the death tallies of black men in Atlanta as a whole.

One of Mr. Brook’s lawyers stated that they are spending millions of dollars on finding a vaccine for the coronavirus when they should be finding a vaccine for police brutality.”

The truth is that the “vaccine” that should be discovered is for the cure of young black people under the age of 40 in Atlanta.

Below you will find a chart from the annual Medical Examiners report from Fulton County for 2018.

157 homicides.

18 deaths by homicide of persons that are not considered black.

139 homicides of Black Men and Black Women








We will let these numbers stand-alone without delving into whether the homicides were racially motivated. The point is that 119 black males were killed. 24 youngsters under the age of 20.

Remember the percentage nationwide of deaths by police of 0.13% / 0.17%?

Compare that to the percents of the total numbers killed in Atlanta:

– 88.5% of homicide victims were black/African-American.

– 84.1% of homicide victims were men.

– 75.8% of homicide victims were black men, 76.4% of which were 40 years of age or younger.



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