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Police Shootings: A Review of the Evidence



Ever since the recent police incident in Minneapolis, there has been renewed interest in police-related deaths across the Internet.

Citizen Media news was able to review 21 of these shootings (due to the extent of our resources) and is able to provide additional information on several of the incidents, information that may not have been reported, reported in context, or not discredited by Facebook fact-checkers.

The incidents are arranged for clarity, to see who was President at the time of the incident.

Of the 21 police-related shootings that CMN was able to review, two-thirds of them ended in non-convictions. Half of those non-convictions had police officers not even charged.

What is even more shocking is the disparity of guilty versus non-guilty between President Obama’s time in office and President Trump’s time in office, so far.

Contrary to what the media and the left would have you believe, in his 40 months in office, President Trump’s convictions of police officers in officer-related shootings, almost exceed those of Obama’s in eight years.

25 Total listed
Clinton (8 years): Non-Conviction (1)

Bush (8 years): Non-Conviction (1); Conviction (1)

Obama (8 years): Non-Convictions (12); Convictions (4)

Trump (3 years, 4 months): Non-Conviction (1); Convictions (2); Pending (3)

21 Police Shootings
1 Police Related – Clinton;
2 Police Related – Bush;
13 Police Related – Obama;
5 Police Related -Trump

14 Non-Convictions
5 Acquittals / Not Guilty (1- Clinton; 1- Bush; 3- Obama)
1 Cleared (Obama)
1 Mistrial (Obama)
7 Not Charged (6- Obama; 1-Trump)

5 Police Convictions
4 Guilty (1 – Bush; 1 – Obama; 2 – Trump)
1 Guilty Civil Rights (Obama)

2 Indicted Pending Results (Trump)


Clinton 2nd Inauguration – Jan 20, 1997 (1)

Feb 4, 1999, AMADOU DIALLO (While taking out a wallet, officers fired 41 shots by four officers, who were all acquitted.)

Bush 2nd Inauguration -George W. Bush – Jan 20, 2001 (2)

Nov 25, 2006, SEAN BELL (Hosting a bachelor party, 50 rounds fired by police officers, who were found not guilty of charges.)

Jan 1, 2009, OSCAR GRANT (Handcuffed and face-down, an officer shot him in the back. Officer found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.)

Obama 1st inauguration – Jan 20, 2009 (3); Non-Convictions (2); Convictions (1)

May 16, 2010, AIYANA JONES (Sleeping, accidentally shot by an officer in a raid on the wrong apartment. Officer cleared of all charges.)

Feb 26, 2012, TRAYVON MARTIN (Walking home with iced tea and Skittles. Shot by George Zimmerman, who was found not guilty.)

November 23, 2012, JORDAN DAVIS (Killed because he was playing loud music. Shooter found guilty of first-degree murder.)

Obama 2nd inauguration – Jan 20, 2013 (13); Non-Convictions (10); Convictions (3)

Sep 14, 2013, JONATHAN FERRELL (Asking for help after an auto accident. Shot twelve times by police, the case ended in a mistrial.)

Nov 2, 2013, RENISHA MCBRIDE (Auto accident, knocked on the door for help. Homeowner was found guilty of second-degree murder.)

August 5, 2014, JOHN CRAWFORD (Shopping at Walmart, holding a BB gun on sale, the police officer was not charged.)

August 9, 2014, MICHAEL BROWN (Shot by twelve times by the officer, including in the back. No charges filed.)

Nov 22, 2014, TAMIR RICE (Playing with a toy gun, shot by police officer arriving on the scene. Officer was not charged.

April 4, 2015, WALTER SCOTT (Pulled over for brake light, shot in the back by a police officer, who pleaded guilty to civil rights violations.)

April 12, 2015, FREDDIE GRAY (Beaten to death by officers, while being transported in a police van. All officers involved were acquitted.)

July 13, 2015, SANDRA BLAND (Pulled over for traffic ticket, tasered and arrested. Suspicious “suicide” while in jail. No charges.)

Oct 18, 2015, COREY JONES (Waiting by his disabled vehicle, was shot three times by police officer, who was found guilty of murder.)

July 5, 2016, ALTON STERLING (Selling CDs, shot at close range while being arrested. No charges filed.)

July 6, 2016, PHILANDO CASTILE (Pulled over in a car, told an officer he had a legally registered weapon in car. Officer acquitted of all charges.)

Sept 16, 2016, TERRENCE CRUTCHER (Disabled vehicle, shot by a police officer, who was found not guilty of manslaughter.)

Sept 20, 2016, KEITH SCOTT (Sitting in a car, reading. Shot by a police officer, who was not charged.)

Trump 1st inauguration – Jan 20, 2017 (6); Non-Convictions (1); Convictions (2); Pending (3)

April 29, 2017, JORDAN EDWARDS (Riding in a car. Shot in the back of the head by a police officer, who was found guilty of murder.)

March 18, 2018, STEPHON CLARK (Holding a cell phone. Shot 8 times, 6 in the back. Officers not charged.)

Sept 6, 2018, BOTHAM JEAN (Shot at home, which police officer mistook for her own. Officer found guilty of murder.)

Oct 12, 2019, ATATIANA JEFFERSON (Looking out her window, shot by a police officer, who is still under indictment for murder.)

Feb 23, 2020, AHMAUD ARBERY (Jogging, shot by two men who claimed they suspected him of burglaries. Both men charged with murder and aggravated assault)

May 25, 2020, GEORGE FLOYD (While in police custody, died while kneeled on by a policeman. Officer was fired within hours. He was taken into custody for 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter)





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