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OPINION: A Rationalization – By Whom



What I’m seeing with many of these posts/articles/videos is a Rationalization & an Enabling for the violence & looting during these protests which are part protest and part destructive violence.

A Rationalization. By whom?

By the Leftist Media. The destruction, the violence, the looting, all rationalized because… of the injustice towards Floyd and for the injustices of the past towards specifically – Black people who are “victims” of specifically “white privilege” and “white racism”. By the media’s coverage and emphasis, they are messaging that all white people are guilty of and complicit in this racism towards black people. The media has also covered a Minneapolis official going so far as to say that they were researching ties to the violence, looting, and rioting to “white supremacy groups”. Laughable.

I would go further to say that the looting and violence is also Rationalized by most of the “peaceful protesters”. I have heard some interviews with some of the “peaceful protesters” where they said that this sort of violence and looting is not to be tolerated and not part of a peaceful protest. But, I’ve heard many more of the so-called peaceful protesters rationalize this with many words like, this is what you get when you are violent towards a black man you get violence back, we’re/their just pushing back, on and on. What I have not seen once on any of these clips is someone stepping up to tell the looters, vandalizers, stop that! Not once.

What I’ve also seen is store owners posting signs in many of these cities that say – This is a Black Business. Thereby, preventing looting and vandalizing of their business. What does this tell me? It tells that quite a bit of these actions, regardless of who is doing the looting or vandalizing, is undoubtedly a racist act towards and against All white people.

No doubt, some of these people that are looting are just taking advantage of the situation to steal. Some of them are just idiots that are pyros or just love to vandalize. Some of it is also organized by Leftist organizations in order to facilitate the destruction of our country.

These people that are enacting violence and racism (specifically, racism towards white people) are enacting racism in reaction to the actions of one, racist cop (at least that is what this most like looks like. i.e., that the cop is a racist). But, they are being indiscriminate. They are enacting racism towards the white community as a whole. Towards All white people.

I liken this to a child’s behaviors. And, the people who are vandalizing and looting are criminals. Our society is by and large allowing this, facilitating this, enabling this, and basically allowing it to go on. Why? White guilt? Because of slavery? Whatever it is, I don’t agree with any of these criminal behaviors. There is no justification.

To call all of these protesters, rioters, looters, racists, and criminals would be completely wrong. But to call and label all white people as complicit in systemic racism in our society is just as, if not more, ridiculous.

Here’s what I know for sure. If you allow this type of animal, criminal behavior, there are many who will do it. Why? Because they can. This isn’t civilization. This is mob rule over partly false racism that was stoked by the Obama administration, the Democrats, and the Leftist media. If you pound it over and over again into a peoples head that they are being treated unfairly and that they are in the social, financial, family-home-life & position they are in because of white-racism against blacks, well, a lot of them will believe it and many of them will not take any personal responsibility or accountability for the position they find themselves in.

I’m so tired of the self-deprecating, self-destructive, false/fabricated racism, Leftist/Democratic agenda.

If you are racist towards a group of people as a whole, because of the racist actions of a few individuals within that group, that group as a whole will start to become racist themselves. Racism breeds more racism. The Left wants to destroy this country. They hate this country. Increasing and building up racism, it all works to their advantage as a tool of destruction. A tool these Anti-American, Anti-Patriotic Enemies of our country readily & happily use in the destruction of America.

Black society as a whole needs to wake up. Wake up and realize that the Democrats and the Left were & are the party of slavery, Jim Crow Laws, welfare-state (aimed at destroying the black family by encouraging single mother homes), & abortion (which was created to reduce the black population by its founder).

The police should be arresting anyone committing a criminal act. Period. Regardless of Race/Color. Justice should be blind. But, justice is not blind right now. At least in the way that our liberal/leftist states are enforcing the law. What these leaders are allowing is unlawful, criminal behaviors because of an injustice (which most likely was a racist crime). Those leaders are allowing special exemption to laws with the excuse of racism.


A white woman is wrongfully killed by a black cop.


It happened a couple of years back.

She had called the police to report a sexual assault.

The cop who showed up who was a black man, shot and killed her. He was later tried and convicted of 3rd-degree murder.

3rd degree…Sound familiar?

Were there any protests? Was there violence, vandalism, looting? Was this labeled a race crime? Well, yes, but not in the way you might think. People in black activist groups and supporters demonstrated saying that the black cop was unjustly targeted and unjustly prosecuted because of the color of his skin.

When you make everything about race, people will become racist. Racism will never be totally gone, no matter what happens in the future. But, how can you decrease and all but eliminate racism when you make everything, everything, about race. It won’t die, it will only get bigger and worse. The Left along with their Leftist propaganda media machine is ripping this country apart, and racism is one of their favorite, most destructive tools.

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