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Black Trump Supporters

“If You Vote For Trump, Then You Ain’t Black” – Joe Biden



After a headline like that, what more needs to be said in the opening paragraph of a news story.

Biden, on an online talk show, remarks, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”

The whole world is abuzz with the hashtag #YouAintBlack.

CMN contacts are all on fire right now.

NationalFile.com‘s, Lionel DuCane, with one of the first stories to hit the web mentioned, “Later, an aide tried to cut the interview short.”

In Raleigh, NC, a huge conservative Trump supporter and preacher simply stated, “I love being white.” over the comment issued by the Democrat front runner for president.

Virginia Congressional Candidate Jarome Bell issued a stern press release (attached below), throwing down the gauntlet, “Joe Biden’s comments make it unmistakably clear that Democrat Party, including Elaine Luria, believe they own black votes, and black voters by extension.”

Bell launched, “So I’m calling on Elaine Luria to rescind her endorsement of Joe Biden for President at once.”

As of this writing Mrs. Luria has not issued a statement on her twitter.

Comments from across the political spectrum hit twitter feeds all morning.

Vernon Jones tweets, “I’m a Georgia State Representative and lifelong Democrat. But in this election, I’ll be casting my vote for @realdonaldtrump. I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Party left me.”

Darius Mayfield, @MrMayfieldUSA, an activist out of New Jersey who promotes the hashtag, “#NotBlackNotWhiteAmerican“, states “The blacker the berry, the whiter the candidate.” A play on the name of Wallace Thurman’s 1929 “The Blacker the Berry.”




May 22, 2020

Virginia Beach, VA –  Twenty-seven year Navy Veteran and America First Republican Jarome Bell is slamming former Vice President Joe Biden for his recent comment on black Trump supporters in which the likely Democrat nominee stated that black Trump supporters aren’t black.

“I’m for Trump, Joe. Am I white?” Bell asked in response to Biden’s recent controversial comment.

“Joe Biden’s comments make it unmistakably clear that Democrat Party, including Elaine Luria, believe they own black votes, and black voters by extension,” Bell launched, “So I’m calling on Elaine Luria to rescind her endorsement of Joe Biden for President at once.”

In an interview with a black radio station host, Biden, who is the likely 2020 Democrat presidential nominee stated, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” according to a report from Politico.

“Joe Biden has finally said out loud what conservative-leaning republican Navy Vet Jarome Bell Slams Joe Biden, Elain Luria for Biden’s _You ain’t black_ Comment black Americans have known all along — that Democrats in Washington and in America’s urban centers honestly believe they own black voters,” Bell said.

“This is the kind of comment you’d expect to hear from a slave master, or plantation overseer — NOT from the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee,” Bell posited.

“So now Joe Biden speaks for black people? He gets to determine whether we know if we’re black or not?” Bell asked.

“How can Joe Biden determine for us blacks who’s black and who’s not, whether we’re for Trump or any other politician on the planet?” the Navy vet asked.

“The answer is he cannot. He doesn’t get to determine the thoughts and feelings and actions of free, independent people, and he certainly does not get to determine whether we’re authentically black or not,” Bell explained.

“Every day, the Democrat Party and Joe Biden prove that they treat black Americans like slaves back on the plantation in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries,” Bell said, “and this latest comment articulates their attitude toward black Americans more clearly than it’s been conveyed in some time.”

“Biden’s comments about putting blacks back in chains was clearly projection,” Bell explained.

“It isn’t the Republicans blacks should be fearful of — it is the Democrat Party who threatens our very existence. This is exactly why it’s time for a Republican candidate like me to win the nomination in Virginia’s second district,” Bell said.

“Black voters are ready for Trump’s Bull economy — NOT the dead economy and dead babies and dead or illiterate teenagers the Democrats have been giving us for the last 50 years.”

“What exactly does it mean to be truly black, Joe? I’ve got a few questions,” Bell said.

“Am I not authentically black unless I support abortion on demand in majority black and minority neighborhoods?”

“Am I not black if I support my right to protect myself and oppose gun-free “kill zones” like South Chicago where black people are killing themselves every day?”

“Or, Joe, must blacks live in neighborhoods where there’s a liquor store on every corner and where the Democrat machine keeps the “black kill zone” regime in place, year in and year out?”

“Am I not black enough if I hate seeing my people live in Democrat neighborhoods where drugs run rampant and the default position is the complete and utter rejection of faith and family?”

“Or, Joe, do truly authentic blacks have to support the wrong-headed epidemic in which single mothers are encouraged to raise kids on their own in a single-parent household?”

“Are we not true black Americans if we reject the Democrat acceptance of black fathers failing to raise their kids?”

“Are we not authentically black  if we think your kids should have options and try to escape failing schools in Democrat-run inner cities?”

“Are we not truly black Americans if we believe getting out of downtown, or crime-infested Democrat strongholds is preferable to remaining in the Democrat neighborhoods?”

“And finally, Joe, are we not black if we don’t subscribe to the notion which you’ve voiced before that all poor kids are black and brown?”

“Joe Biden’s comments have shown us that he and the Democrats are holding the very chains he was talking about when he made his infamous ‘They gonna put y’all back in chains’ comment here in Virginia back in 2012.”

“Joe Biden’s comments are an expression of outright ownership. Biden and the Democrat Party have determined that they own black Americans,” Bell said.

“This is exactly why I’m a conservative Republican and will never be a Democrat because I’m never going to be owned by anyone.

“Not only does Biden demean black Americans as property, he demeans our grasp of the English language. Maybe that’s because Joe and his slavemaster pals in the Democrat party have been very effective at destroying literacy in our inner cities,” Bell guessed.

“Joe Biden has redefined the term White Privilege for liberals and the social justice crowd out there,” Bell said.

“I’m not a white privilege guy, but the irony here is thick. Joe Biden’s comments claiming ownership of black voters is the height of white privilege,” Bell claimed.

“From now on, it will be unmistakably clear that the Democrat Party’s white privilege includes the belief that they own black votes on election day,” Bell said.

“To Democrats, black Americans are seen as unable to think for ourselves like white people do, so naturally, we have to vote how our Democrat overseers tell us to,” Bell explained.

“White Democrats are afforded the freedom to think for themselves without being called a traitor to their race — they can come out of the closet as Republican, and then they’re merely seen as being backward, but they still maintain their racial identity.”

“But not so with blacks. We are literally no longer black if we support President Trump,” he concluded.



Jarome Bell is a conservative, a Navy veteran, and a high school football coach running for U.S. House in Virginia’s second congressional district. Jarome has been endorsed by Freedom Caucus member Paul Gosar. Please send press inquiries to Jarome@JaromeBellforCongress.com



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