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Election 2024

VIDEO: Could Abrams Be the Next VP Candidate



Biden has announced that he will pick a female running mate. In this hybrid report from Fox New’s Tucker Carlson we enhance it ever so with a few added details.

Patrick Howley, Editor-in-Chief at, writes, “Abrams, who attended the elite globalist Bilderberg conference in 2019, has faced criticism for her participation in a racially-motivated 1992 burning of the Georgia flag on the state Capitol steps during an activism-heavy stint at Spelman College.”

Further details about Abrams lifestyle reveals her to be in some reports “a soft-porn writer.”

Her books, under the pseudonym, Selena Montgomery, can be found on Amazon and Harper Collins.

The bigger picture is not necessarily to begrudge her former choices on writing such books. However, imagine the outrage if President Trump has anything to do with anything similar to this undertaking.

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