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Anthony Fauci

GUEST COLUMNIST: NBC headline is Example of Anti-Trump Media Bias




This NBC headline is an absolute example of the anti-Trump mainstream media bias.

Hydroxychloroquine IS NOT an “unproven drug”. It has been a proven medication to treat several maladies, especially malaria, for decades.

I and millions of other veterans have taken it. It is the principal malaria prophylaxis used in Africa.

There is ample evidence it may be effective against COVID19 and if it isn’t, no harm is done. It is FDA approved and physicians can prescribe it as they deem appropriate.

The only negatives are that the President has been an advocate and Dr. Fauci isn’t sure it is effective.

Wake up America!

This Hydroxychloroquine issue is a non-issue. In fact, I plan to ask my GP about it tomorrow.

-The Colonel

“Graduated from the National War College and earned his master’s degree from GW University. He worked in the aerospace & defense industries prior to his retirement. He retired from the United States Army as a Colonel after 24 years of service. Vietnam Veteran. More recently he stepped up to serve once again as a 3-time State Senator.”


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