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In a show of solidarity, independent online National File reached out to Citizen Media News. They highlighted an article written by Gabriel Keane in January 2020 about the quelling of conservative-minded voices by social media empires with left-leaning agendas.

More specifically, the third-party entities that provide the social media sites with this so-called fact-checked information they use as an excuse to keep opposition opinions to a minimum.

The issue at hand, especially over the past few weeks during the quarantine, is the abundance of medical professionals speaking out in opposition to the shutdown.

The untainted sharing of this information by independent groups has been met with angst by social media giants. Facebook and Youtube lash out at these conservative-leaning entities by banning these group’s pages through a third-party process called “fact-checking.”

In question are articles shared by Citizen Media News in regards to Dr. Fauci’s past leadership roles in connection with viruses and certain drugs. CMN highlighted this story from a broadcast on OAN. This story reported gave an in-depth look at these issues brought forth by several professionals across the country. The reporting of this unpopular view by the left is critical because the mainstream media is not providing coverage.

Note the phrase at the bottom of this image, “Not followed by anyone you’re following.”

CMN received information on a speech given at a Texas Reopen Rally by Dr. Ivette Lozano. A Dallas based physician, Dr. Lozano, spoke out against different levels of government stifling her ability to practice medicine.

What does it matter that a small press organization like Citizen Media has a voice? We have reached nearly 1.5 million people. Websites like National File and Citizen Media News provide clear conservative viewpoints heard by the masses.

We are the press, and this is a definitive act against our First Amendment rights.

Through a series of presentations, Citizen Media News established patterns of information that are becoming clearer; there is more to the shutdown than is being told to the American people.

With an agenda in mind, Facebook and Youtube are keeping these stories from being told. To accomplish this, they are using a third-party website called “Lead Stories.”

When delving further into the background of this company, National File discovered some disturbing facts which go against the self-proclaimed integrity of Facebook.

First and foremost, it is this left-leaning fact-checking organization that makes these validity decisions about conservative ideologue stories. Why does a third party have the power to decide what is right and what is not especially considering the diverse views of so many people? Is this a question of freedom of speech and freedom of the press?

National File points out, “Strangely, though Lead Stories is used by Facebook to rate the veracity of news stories, the Lead Stories website shows that their accreditation with the International Fact-Checking Network, run by the Poynter Institute, lapsed last year.“

If Facebook and Youtube are going to continue to censor their membership, should not the members of these websites have a right to chose who does the fact-checking as check and balance of the undoubted liberal mindset of these two powerhouse sites? Once rendered, their decision is final with little to no recourse by the censored individual.



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