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Chicken Dwindle



I wonder if the politicos, anti-Trump cabals and “Swampers” understand inertia? You know, the law of physics about bodies in motion, etc. Let’s apply it to the food and consumables supply chain.

Until now, except for paper towels and TP our supplies of food and other necessities are fairly available in stores most likely because of warehouse backlogs. However, as we continue this COVID-driven shutdown the ability to restock those warehouses diminishes … rapidly!

If you think the COVID chaos is bad now, wait until food supplies dwindle and rationing and shortages or worse become the norm. And this is only one segment of the problem.

To keep civilization from coming unglued by this potential move to famine and shortages we need to return to normal personal and economic freedom as quickly as possible AND simultaneously continue to effectively fight the virus.

Make it clear to the naysayers that this is America and we are Americans. Let’s do this!

-The Colonel

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