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Recommendations from the NC State Board of Elections to the NC Legislature




Is this a veiled attempt to move to mail-in ballots and/or just to create a better opportunity to turn NC blue similar to what was done in Virginia and California?

State Representatives and Senators should be made aware of these requests by the NC Board of Elections.

It is essential that they know what specifically is being proposed. Conservative leaders need to oppose these proposals. Remember, thanks to the liberal Courts, “their making laws from the bench” and the few overriding justices, we are still without Voter ID which the voters of NC overwhelmingly supported.

Several things in this request is problematic; the worst one being the proposed development of an “online portal” to make it “easier” to request an absentee ballot. Not only would this create more opportunity to cheat, the proposed cost is ridiculous. Of course, the money comes from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, as written on page 5, 2nd paragraph.

Absentee ballots are already one of the biggest sources of possible voter fraud. The verification process is almost non-existent. There are allegedly two weak forms of voter identification. The first is the voter’s signature as compared to his/her signature as it appears on the voter’s original voter application. The second is a requirement for two witnesses or a Notary Public.

There is currently no requirement for proof of who the witnesses are. They just sign and fill out their addresses which are rarely checked. To make matters worse, the State Board of Elections requested that the need for any witnesses be eliminated on Page 3 in the last paragraph. As for the Notary Public, it has been claimed that the Secretary of State’s office has allowed undocumented people in North Carolina to gain licensing as Notary Publics.

It was recommended, on page 3, by the SBE that a voter should be able to include a copy of a HAVA document with their absentee request form if the “voter is unable to provide their driver’s license or last four digits of their social security number”. This would mean a copy of an energy bill or the like which could easily counterfeit using commonly-used software.


NC Governor Executive Order No. 120 – March 23, 2020

Recommendations to Address Election-Related Issues Affected by COVID-19 – March 26, 2020

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