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The Mask Mavens of New York



Mask made from donated materials by the Mavens.

There is a new group of Super Heroes in town, and they are not flying around in capes fighting crime.  They are – “The Mask Mavens of Huntington, Long Island”.

From seasoned seamstresses to first timers at a sewing machine, Mask Mavens of Huntington, Long Island, NY is a small team of volunteers that are sewing and giving away homemade masks for FREE to ANYONE and ALL WHO NEED. Their homemade masks are 100% cotton and though not of medical-grade material or a substitute for N95 masks, they can potentially discourage folks from touching their face and signal that a person is trying to protect yourself and others.

NYPD 1st Precinct is showing of their Mask Maven Masks

The Mask Mavens of Huntington began on March 21, 2020, when Mary Beth Steenson-Kraese saw the outcry for PPE from the front lines.  She decided to break out her new sewing machine (a gift she had received two years ago, but never used) and began making masks.  She reached out on social media, for donations of materials.  Little did she expect the number of women who offered to help.  Even people who cannot sew are donating their time to cut fabric.

As of date, The Mask Mavens have sewn and distributed over 3000 masks.  They have filled orders for St. Francis Hospital, Huntington Hospital, the local School Districts, the NYPD, the Rural & Migrant Farmer’s Ministry, and so many more.  The Mavens not only fill orders for our local community, but will ship them out to other states.  All the masks are made and shipped from generous monetary donations and gifted material.  The little group is now on social media on Facebook, “Mask Mavens of Huntington, Long Island”.

Mask Maven masks are donated to the local hospital.

Since everyone in New York State is mandated to wear a mask when venturing out into a social distancing atmosphere, our requests have been increasing.

Please visit us on their Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/512278629452102/ .

If you are in need of a mask, please fill out the online form. If you wish to make a donation you can do so on the Facebook page.  Our wish for everyone is to STAY SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY!




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