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DiGenova Blasts Southern District New York, They will Get Fired



Joe diGenova, legal analyst and former federal prosecutor,

Jerome Corsi wahe wont be ts telling the truth, Andrew Weisman is a thug, he isn’t going back which is why he wont be the subject of an ethics investigation  He has gotten away with it for a long time.

This is a long and horrible story, outlined in SIdney Powel’s book Liscence to Lie.

Barr know he has a problem and I expect him to address prosecutarial conduct.


Some will come out from Looking at FISA, but there has to be a Federal Grand Jury , the mastermind who came up with this

the FISA were obtained

There was a conspirarcy as a cadnaite and presidet to deny hs civil rights incluing carter page.

What is are required- Barr has to have a gand jury.  I dont care about Horowitz, he had idiotic judgement last time theat there was no biasi.


Only Repulicans have been charged, so Barr has to change it with a federal grand jury

Barr wanted to use Rosenstein, “this is all your fault, so you are going to sign this letter. When the histoy is written and one person will come away from this

If you ever want to have lunch in this town,

Southern District of New York, once again we come back to basics, Bill Barr will talk to Souther district and they will be told they will do nothing without his permission. They are under the control under a real attorney general.  He will fire them.

I think they are going to be permitted to continue their investigations, but they will get asked management questions.  They think they have their own game to play up there, they do not.

All of this cooperation between Congress and the attorney general.  I expect Roger Stone will not be interfered with for the moment but I think the President feels for these people.  I think the President will pardon.




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