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Roger Stone Pardon Petition Won’t Quit, Just Like Stone



Supporters of Roger Stone, who feel he should be pardoned by President Donald J. Trump for charges brought against him over his involvement in the 2016 Presidential election, have started a second petition to bring awareness to their cause.

“We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the President of the United States grant a full and unconditional pardon to Roger Jason Stone Jr.,” the petition says.

Petition Here

Stone was found guilty of lying to Congress about passing information from what the government says were Russian hacked emails exposing Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, to Trump when he was the Republican Presidential candidate.

Even though Bill Binney, former NSA  technical director and whistleblower has signed a sworn affidavit saying that there is no way the Russians Hacked the DNC, meaning there is no crime, there is no collusion with Russians and Hillary was not a victim of either that Stone was a part of,  Stone was found guilty of lying to Congress about a crime that didn’t happen.

Stone is an American icon in politics, starting with his high profile career in 1976 with President Ronald Regan when he was the Northeast Regional Political Director for Reagan in 1976, 1980 and 1984.  Stone previously worked for President Nixon in 1972  and co-founded the National Conservative Political Action Committee which defeated 5 incumbent Dem US Senators in 1978. Stone was involved with the 2000 Bush/Gore recount, helping Bush recover that election, by exposing voter fraud.

Stone also wrote the “Clintons’  War on Women” and was involved with the documentary on Danney Williams, who claims to be Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son that, according to supporters was downloaded 38 Million times on multiple platforms by mostly by Black voters, enraging Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton.

A Netflix Documentary explains Stone’s career.

Stone was not an employee of Trump’s in 2016, saying he was just a supporter.  “Trump is his own strategist, his own speechwriter, his own logistician, his own press secretary, and he is entitled to it. It’s his own money, his own name and you can’t argue with how it has worked. No one puts words in Donald Trump’s mouth, no one. He runs his campaign by telling you what HE thinks,” Stone said in 2016.

But now Stone is under a gag order, and he is not allowed to speak to the press about the charges brought against him, his legal case or defend himself in what has been a massive public trial in the media, with outrageous denial of Stone’s civil liberties.

Stone has many loyal supporters who know of his long history of important and high profile activism in the general liberty movement. Some supporters have started petitions, hoping to get Trump to pardon Stone.

The first petition started at the White House, which was shut down after suspiciously lacking in enough support to get Trump to make an official comment, even though it was high profile social media influencers who spent numerous days promoting the petition.

Yet with all of that high profile PR and advertising, curiously the first petition did not log enough names to get an official response from Trump, however, Trump did hint last week that a pardon for Stone was something that he had on his mind.

Infowars reported that Christmas Eve, Trump made comments about a possible pardon:

Of special concern for most Deporables, Citizen journalists, citizen bloggers and pundits is that if the government can bring a case against Stone for his activism, make up a case against him, and have an activist judge gag him, while the media drags his name and reputation through the mud, for promoting Trump, who is next?

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  1. Baruch Salomon

    January 2, 2020 at 12:20 pm


  2. Pamela Cross

    January 2, 2020 at 3:53 pm

    Pardon him. He had your back, Trump.

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Binney: We Need Citizens To Go Around The Shadow Government



LaRouche Pac hosted a call for activists, bloggers and journalists, Thursday, to highlight their voter engagement strategies and to focus on two men, Larry Johnson and Bill Binney, who have inside experience and information on the government corruption threatening to displace President Donald J. Trump.

Dennis Speed, the moderator, first discussed the idea that 2020 election is going to depend upon a large number of Americans who are eligible to vote, but historically do not vote, or get engaged in politics.

They discussed  engaging the people who make up the “Populist” movement, who are American citizens, who make up the majority, who often remain aloof from elections for various reasons.

“Those voters want to hear someone reach out and talk to them, so they can see that this person running is not a hustler, a charlatan, a liar,” said Speed.

“That is why we are in the street telling people they have a relationship with President Donald J. Trump,” Speed said.

Watch the video:


Binney was asked about his possible appearance before a Senate hearing, to testify on his previous statements that Russia did not hack the DNC, based upon his extensive professional experience and his own investigations.

“I should be there at the Senate trial [for Trump’s Impeachment]  because my testimony could blow a hole in the government’s conspiracy about Russia, but I have not received a subpoena,” Binney said.

Binney, on the call talking to a group of journalists, bloggers and activists said Thursday that “The survival of Trump in on citizens to have information. And Barr and Durham need to do the right thing, they need to indict the people who are the shadow government. And if they don’t indict people,  Trump will be by himself.  The Swamp has been there for decades and they are protecting each other.  Once one starts to fall the wall fall, we need to get information out to people. So people can have the information, look at the reaction to electing Trump, that is what happens when people are informed if we allow people to get brainwashed- they repression and conditioning like Pavlov dogs- people are going around it- some way to get info out to people who are not controlled by MSM or swamp.”

Barbara Boyd, from LaRouche Pac, finished by saying “the survival of the president depends on your joining the fight- start out as a citizen and realize you are in a fight for the survival of the country, so Trump is not alone, we need you to take yourself and make your self a leader. “



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VIDEO: “We Were Saved By The Grace Of America”, Former Refugee Issues Challenge To Omar



Agnes Hass is an American citizen, a Conservative Republican, a former refugee from Africa who has her sights on debating Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MO) over charges that American is not good.

Sunday, Hass published a video on Facebook and was a guest on Rebel Legends Patriots Soapbox, a grassroots platform to talk about her challenge to the Congresswoman.

“I saw America rescue people from Liberia right before my own eyes when I was a child.  I later became a US citizen.  I always thought America was great because she loved all of her citizens. I don’t think the government loves us anymore,” Hass told Patriots Soapbox.

Hass says she is greatly hurt by what Omar says about America.  “She is always running America down, and America gives her things she did nothing to deserve, like free school.  How can she be so hateful?  I am a refugee from Africa too, and I love America,” Hass said.

In her video on Facebook, Hass said toward Omar, “You came to America from Africa, and America rescued you, we both come from war-torn countries. My family came from Liberia.  We have both been saved by the mercy and grace of America.  Here is my challenge to you, Ilhan Omar, to a debate you on TV for free. This is not a white person coming after you. This is not a person of privilege coming after you.   I am not educated.  I happen to appreciate and love America.  You don’t seem to understand what America did for you.

I challenge you to a debate.  This will be a national debate, on TV between two Africans about how America saved us.

I want an opportunity to tell people why I love America.  Two African sisters coming together to talk about different viewpoints about how America who gives us hope,” she said.

“I will do it for gree. You can have Qatar pay you, that is not my deal,” Hass said.

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Meet Lucretia Hughes at Fallback Productions



Documentary: Get Back Right “God, Family, Country”





Lucretia C. Hughes is the Co-founder of Fallback Productions Studio LLC, Show Host for Lucretia Hughes’ Show and Conservative Activist for God, Family, Country and Trump. The President of the United States Donald J Trump, has taken noticed of Lucretia’s Passion for her Country by retweeting her message.  She received her Associate Degree in Business Management and Administration from ITT Technical College and is currently working as a Financial Professional at Hughes’s Insurance. A strong advocate for Religious Freedom, Conservative and Republican values in Georgia and the United States. Her professional interests focus on improving the quality of lives for constituents of the United States. In addition, she serves as President for The Lanier Tea Party Patriots and serves on the NRA Nominating Committee and NRA Outreach Committee Georgia, member of the Republican Assembly, Lanier Republican Assembly, member of the Georgia Republican Party and Walton Republican Party. She was honored by Speak Up Georgia for her contributions to the uplifting and advancement of the Conservative Movement. She was also named to the Who’s Who Georgia Conservatives.

Lucretia C. Hughes was born in Commerce Ga. June 19, 1974. She is a proud mother of four and grandmother of 7. She graduated from Spartanburg High School in Spartanburg S.C. in 1994. She returned to her Georgia roots in 1998. Since returning to Georgia Lucretia’s life has been placed on a collision course with serving others. During the first attempts to pass Obamacare, Lucretia realized that our current Government officials did not have normal citizens’ interests at heart. She began to pay closer attention to State and Local officials and seen that the same things were occurring right here. At that point she realized that if someone didn’t take a stand that we were doomed to be knocked down. As of March 11, 2016 Lucretia, decided that she would take that stand and make a difference.

Retweeted by President Trump

Her website:

Fallback Productions

You will find her link on CMN under Grassroots Georgia:

Grassroots Georgia

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