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Election 2020

Dems Want Biden To Pick A Republican For “Trans-Party”, Romney’s Name Thrown In



A reporter covering Joe Biden’s campaign reported that Biden was asked at a New Hampshire event,  about choosing a Republican running mate for a “Unity Party”, and immediately minds drifted to failed former Presidential candidate, Never Trumper Rep. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), to run against President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Biden said he would, indeed, consider choosing a Republican for a running mate. Responses from average Democrats showed both alarm and fear.

Politico had already floated the idea of a Biden/Romney ticket almost two weeks ago, conjuring up a favorite of their’s, deceased former Senator and Never Trumper, John McCain.

From the Politico article:

“Biden is one of our most esteemed and admired leaders. His favorability ratings have touched the 60-percentile range. He appeals to the kind of working-class voters Democrats have been bleeding to Republicans over the years. Most important, he could make a good president, and not just because he has a deep mix of domestic and foreign policy experience; he also has the character for the job. His eulogy at the McCain funeral was not just a riveting and poignant tribute to his good friend, but a testament to Biden’s own genuine grace and good humor. The speech salved some of the grief of those in our nation who worry that McCain’s passing has left a gaping hole in America’s moral fabric.”

“Now here’s what Biden should do next: Pick a Republican running mate in a “trans-party” third-party run for the White House,”Politico wrote.

Speculation had started days after Trump’s nomination in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention in 2016, that Romney would be one of many Republicans who would attempt a primary challenge against Trump, however, Trump is enjoying a shocking 95% approval rating in the GOP.


Looks like full steam ahead…

You heard it here first… Developing….

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