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War Room Impeachment: Sondland’s Presumptions Don’t Cut It For Impeachment, No Matter What CNN Says



The War Room Impeachment podcast stood in stark contrast to the headlines in CNN “bombshells” that Ambassador Gordon Sondland tied demands by President Donald J. Trump, for a Ukraine investigation into  Former Vice President Joe Biden, to Military Aid, Wednesday.

Sondland was widely expected, by Democrats and mainstream media to seal the deal on the case to impeach Trump for improper dealings with Ukraine.  They may have even prepared headlines in advance, the co-hosts for the War Room speculated.

While the mainstream media did victory laps on Sondland’s tales, the three co-hosts of the War Room Podcast had a different point of view, saying Sondland’s testimony was all based on his assumptions, and that is not enough for impeachment.

But that won’t stop the media from pushing that the end was here- it was all over for Trump.

“CNN even changed their headline [about Sondland] after people drilled down to the granularity of what he said,” Stephen K  Bannon, former  Executive Chairman of Breitbart News said, pointing out that the day of questioning was not going as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff (D-CA), had hoped.

“Republicans are fighting the media war,” co-host, Raheem Kassam, who worked with Nigel Farage on Brexit, said.

“Independents are tuning out of the Impeachment shows,” Kassam said.

After days of being beaten back by other witness testimony, CNN had reported, early in the morning while Sondland was testifying, that his testimony in fact did tie Trump to a Quid Pro Quo over military aid,  which Sondland was later directly asked to comment upon by ranking member, Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH).

Jason Miller, former Communications Director for Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign played a clip of the questioning by Turner that totally dismantled that headline.

“Was Donald Trump tying aid to investigations? Do you have evidence that ties Trump to aid? ” Turner said.

“Just my assumptions,” Sondland said.

“So no one has told you that Donald Trump was tying aid to investigations.  If you say yes, then the Chairman is wrong and CNN is wrong,” Turner said.

“Yes”, Sondland replied.  “Other than my presumption,” Sondland said.

“I never said that the President of the United States should be impeached,” Sondland said.

“Even the Conservative News is carrying the narratives of the left media that there were bombshells. They [Democrats]  are trying to equate information with illegality,” Miller said.

Showing that the media was helping the Democrats shape the narrative, Bannon said, “CNN said what Trump did was a pressure campaign. So they changed their headline from hardcore, quid pro quo to pressure campaign today.”

Kassam pointed out that in Sondland’s 23-page opening statement was nothing for impeachment, “Sondland said that he later came to believe, on page 5 of the statement, which is not a statement of fact.”

“This was the best they had. No one else with first-hand knowledge who spoke with Trump will testify,” Miller said. “This was the peak for them. This is going to be about a Senate trial.”

The War Room podcast is a daily broadcast, with Stephen K. Bannon, Former Chief Executive of the 2016 Trump Campaign, Chairman of Citizen of the American Republic, Raheem Kassam worked with Nigel Farge on Brexit, Jason Miller, Chief Communications for Trump 2016

The podcast can be found in iTunes, Sticher, google play, sound cloud, WarRoom.org, Daily at 9 AM Eastern, and 5PM Eastern.  On Facebook at TrumpAtWa, Citizens of the American Republic, Americas Voice. On Twitter @WarRoom2020

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