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Bannon On War Room Says, ” Ambassador Taylor Is Witness To America’s Managed Deccline”



Wednesday, on his podcast, War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon, threw shade on the Democrats star testimony by Ambassador William Taylor.

“Taylor has all of the punch marks on the card of being an establishment player,” Bannon said.

Taylor is testifying before the US House Intelligence Committee Wednesday as the star witness against Donald J. Trump, who the Democrats and establishment want to impeach and remove from office, over their foreign policy differences with the President.

Taylor, who has been active in DC for over 30 years,  testified that his ideas of foreign policy are more grounded than Trump’s and have a longer history of support in DC from unelected bureaucrats, and therefore he was willing to demand Trump be removed from office to clear the way for the continued pro-Russian policies in Ukraine.

Bannon on his podcast said that Taylor is heavily influenced and “indoctrinated” by the Democrats and foreign interests and their policies, over polices meant to benefit Americans.

“This is over Trump’s America First policies, and people like Taylor disagree with the President on those policies,” Bannon said.

Taylor has already testified that his concerns about the Phone Call between Ukraine President and Trump, at the center of the impeachment demands were 4th hand information.


Taylor was not on the call.  He is testifying about his overall general disagreement with Trump’s foreign policy in Ukraine.  Taylor is spreading gossip.

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