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VIDEO: Hilary’s Email Scandal Is Far From Over



Monday, Tom Fitton the president of Judicial Watch, a citizen watchdog group responsible for numerous freedom of information Act lawsuits (FOIA)  involving the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, reported that a former official under President Barack Obama is defying court orders.

“I am outraged. Obama WH official Ben Rhodes appears to be defying court order requiring he answer written questions under oath on Benghazi. now seeks in-person testimony but DOJ/State objects! should intervene,” Fitton said on Twitter.


Friday, Fitton had reported that while Judicial Watch attorneys have begun questioning Clinton email witnesses, “as a result of federal court order, whether or not Clinton’s server system was set up to avoid FOIA”, Fitton said.

“The court wants to know whether or not there was an effort to hoodwink the court, so they didn’t have to tell him or Judicial Watch about the emails, and thirdly are their other emails to be found.  The court also wants to see if the Benghazi scandal is one of the reasons they didn’t want anyone to see the emails,” he said.

“We have 11 witnesses we are able to interview, including Susan Rice and Bill Presteip.  Ben Rhodes is nowhere to found.  He won’t answer.  Outrageously the Justice Department is saying he doesn’t need to answer.  They are still protecting Hillary, ” said Fitton.


“The Deep state is partisan and is out to get President Trump. The Justice Department and the State Department are protecting themselves and Hillary Clinton. They are implicated. That is why the Deep State is protecting their own wrongdoing, which is speculation, but there is evidence, that she was not alone.  In the end it is an obstruction.  It is just little old Judicial Watch in there interviewing people,” Fitton said.

“The Clinton Email Scandal is far from over,” he said.


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